FAQ: jQuery Setup - Adding jQuery


This community-built FAQ covers the “Adding jQuery” exercise from the lesson “jQuery Setup”.

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Web Development

Introduction to jQuery

FAQs on the exercise Adding jQuery

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This is why I quit this website when I was at the beginning of my UX journey, holy cow. I’m reviewing, & if I was a beginner, I’d be livid.

So first of all, it says to copy the link from the instructions. It says that…right under a bold heading that says Instructions. Guess what, it isn’t there, it’s at the top.
Then it tells you to paste this in 2 different places. One one hand, it says that you need to paste this before the java script loads so the JS knows to use jQuery…& then it proceeds to tell you to paste it on the line above /body…which is below the JS script.

What happens later on when things get more complicated? I think I’m going to quit while I’m ahead & go to https://learn.jquery.com/

I’m having trouble adding jQuery to the code file in this assignment. In the index.html file, I keep pasting the provided tag into the line before the tag that links back to the main.js file like the instruction say. However, I keep getting an error message say “Did you add the link to jQuery in index.html?”. Does anyone know what the problem is?