FAQ: Introduction to R Syntax - Importing Packages

This community-built FAQ covers the “Importing Packages” exercise from the lesson “Introduction to R Syntax”.

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There’s a typo in the first line of the prompt.
“R’s popoularity is also largely due to the many fantastic packages available in the language!”

Does it matter where you type the code to import a package? Does it have to be at the top or can it be anywhere?


How do we know the packages have been installed in the notebook already? (The directions have us skip straight to import(package-name) Do we just assume that because it’s in the instructions, it’s already there?

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Yes it does matter. I actually put it in the end, and it didn’t work at all. So we always have to put in the beginning I guess.

Wait, is this a tip for python? What is R syntax

The solution to this exercise is very finicky.
I was doing the following because the exercise lists dplyr before readr

# load libraries

but it wasn’t working. apparently the answer is just switched around for some reason, even though
both should work just fine


# load libraries

I have a question about the head() function that is used in line 17. Why does the output have only 6 rows (No Rolling Stones) when the function only specifies head(artists) instead of head(artists, 6)? Thanks in advance!

the are errors because it wasn’t imported see instuction.

This. The instructions in the example should be modified to reflect that the order in which you import these libraries matters. I never usually have to look in the solution but this isn’t obvious from reading the description of the code alone

I put dplyr first and I got it right, not sure what error you got.