FAQ: Introduction to R Syntax - Conditionals

am really not getting why the open and closed parenthesis wasn’t used or does it not affect the output of the coding ? asing because from the example it was included plus when i used double quote i got an error message until i used single. if this can be explained i did be glad.

Thanks to everyone on this forum who helped be figure out the answer to this IF/ELSE statement exercise. However, in the teaching on the side they never show the arrow sign (<-) being implemented in their IF/ELSE statements. When I found the answers here on how to set it up, I would have never thought to put that into my code if I did not see it here. Anyway just expressing thanks for this forum on that, and I guess my question is how do those arrows come into play, when they were not even in the side teachings/examples?

message ← “I change based on a condition.”
if (TRUE) {message ← ‘I execute this when true!’} else {message ← ‘I execute this when false!’}
print (message)