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This community-built FAQ covers the “Calculations” exercise from the lesson “Introduction to R Syntax”.

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In the introduction to R Syntax under “Calculations” I believe there is an error (unless I’m missing something). The error

Results in “500”

573 - 74 + 1

^ in the above, if we’re working with good old order of operations of “PEMDAS” addition should happen prior to subtraction. So it would be 74+1=75 and then 573-75=498

Or have I missed something?

I know this is a small detail but I became obssesed with it and I’m grateful for your thoughts…

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Hello, I entered the following “25 * 4 + 9 / 3” under the notebook.Rmd but when I pressed “Run” I did not get a numeric result. Instead I got a message that says “Did you calculate the equation inside your R notebook?”…I thought notebook.Rmd was the R notebook…am I missing something?

Thank you!

Hello, @pyace87095.

Sorry, for replying so late, but I just noticed your post.

You’ve ignored the sign. 74 is a negative number. If you want to do the addition first, you have to add 1 to -74. That gives you -73. 573 - 73 = 500. Addition and subtraction is essentially a sum of a list of values. You have 3 values here: 573, -74, 1.

Hello, @ashleybarnes00527705, and welcome to the forums.

Sounds like you may have not entered your code in the correct space, or if you included the quotation marks like you show in your post, that would be an issue as well.

Your code should go where I’ve indicated in the screenshot.
Happy coding!