FAQ: Introduction to PHP - Todo: Learn PHP

This community-built FAQ covers the “Todo: Learn PHP” exercise from the lesson “Introduction to PHP”.

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Learn PHP

FAQs on the exercise Todo: Learn PHP

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I’m just wondering why adding something to the todo list has no effect on the code? i.e. when a user adds something to their list, marks it complete, etc., there is no impact on the code.

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how do I test it in my computer

I have the same problem. Code does not work.​ When i add something to the list, it show nothing.

How to use the “Create a Github Gist” option?

When you click on the “Tools” slide out menu, there is an option at the bottom under “Sharing”, labeled “Share Code”, “Create a Gist to share your code with others”. But upon inspection when trying to create a gist on github, it doesn’t accept url’s like this.

I was however able to use the url to import a completely new repository in my account but it seems like it did not populate all the files nor the file structure shown in the interactive editor for this “To Do” lesson.

You can see the final repository import that is created from codeCademy’s url I copied from the share menu here.

Also, on a side note, I thought I remembered there used to be a way to save our work to our workspaces or whathave you, but I can’t seem to find a button or link or anything that would allow me to save this code for later…am I missing something? Has something changed? Cause it is absolutely driving me crazy. I am on a pro membership…

Thanks to anyone who responds in advance!!

Same problem still in 2023 - when I type in item and press “add” - the page goes blank…