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what i didn’t understand that how the statment ($result = returnNothing(); ) Prints: I’m running! I’m running!
i mean… where is the echo statment we just define ($result) and assign the value to it but there is no echo or somthing else.

Hello, @majendy, and welcome to the forum. I believe this example code is what you’re referring to:

function returnNothing() 
  echo "I'm running! I'm running!\n";

$result = returnNothing(); // Prints: I'm running! I'm running!

echo $result; // Nothing is printed

The function returnNothing() has an echo statement in it’s code body. Any time returnNothing() is called, the echo "I'm running! I'm running!\n"; is executed. The $result variable is assigned the return value of the function. The function has no return value, so $result = NULL. We could add a return statement to the function if we wanted to, and that value would be assigned to $result, and then the last line of code: echo $result would print that value.
Like this for example:

function returnNothing() 
  echo "I'm running! I'm running!\n"; //prints "I'm running! I'm running!" when the function is called
  return "Okay. I'm finished running.\n"; //returns "Okay. I'm finished running.\n" to the line of code that called the function.

$result = returnNothing(); // calls the function, the return value is assigned to $result

echo $result; //  prints the value assigned to $result


I’m running! I’m running!
Okay. I’m finished running.

Hope this helps!

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ohh yes that was helpful thx for your answer

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Hi, I am not getting this, I am doing everything as per example:


// Write your code below:
function createVacuum() {
  echo "I have created a vacuuum";
$result = createVacuum();
echo $result;
echo createVacuum() * 10;


I have created a vacuuumI have created a vacuuum0

The second should not print 0 and the third 10 zeros?

Hello, @tuzso.

Your code includes 2 calls to your createVacuum() function. Inside the function you echo the string, "I have created a vacuuum". You call the function the first time here:

 $result = createVacuum();

Since the function is called, “I have created a vacuuum” is printed. That accounts for the first part of your output.
Next, you echo $result. What value was assigned to $result? Answer: NULL Since createVacuum() has no return value, NULL is returned. When we echo NULL nothing is printed, so you still have just “I have created a vacuuum” as your output.
Then, you have this line:

echo createVacuum() * 10;

createVacuum() is again called, so its echo statement is executed, and “I have created a vacuuum” is once again printed. Now your output looks like this:

I have created a vacuuumI have created a vacuuum

After the function is finished executing it once again returns NULL, so your line of code is essentially now this:

echo NULL * 10; //since NULL is the return value of createVacuum()

That expression evaluates to 0, so 0 is printed which gives you your final output:

I have created a vacuuumI have created a vacuuum0

I took the liberty of editing your post so that the code would display properly. For future posts please see How do I format code in my posts?