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This community-built FAQ covers the “Introduction” exercise from the lesson “Introduction to Data Science”.

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which mathematic topics should I be familiar with to to do data science?

Worried I am wasting my time. For the last 15 plus years I have been working in the area of SDLC QA Testing of SAP implementation projects. But I have no degree and this has closed a lot of doors. I also have never taken any algebra classes in high school. To keep working in the SDLC QA Testing area I feel I need to add to my skill set. I would like to learn SQL and maybe Python but am a bit apprehensive on my ability to complete the courses. I am working on a few online pre-algebra courses, one being the edX.org course. I am retired and disabled from the Navy so the VA vocational rehabilitation will help but I do not want to start something I cannot finish?

Hi maverick75020,

Mostly topics like Linear algebra, Calculus, Probability theory and Statistics form what I’ve researched.