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This community-built FAQ covers the “Meet Flask-Login” exercise from the lesson " Introduction to Authentication with Flask".

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This entire segment of the Flask track is broken.

Simple things like

Import LoginManager from flask_login in app.py

are unable to be passed, which should be trivial. (I notice the X’s stay grey instead of turning red??)

from flask_login import LoginManager

Not only that but the solution code is unfinished/non-existent, there is some formatting errors as well as typos in the code examples.

Both Intro to Accounts and Intro to Authentication on the Flask track every segment is broken.

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Yes, I have just run into this issue as well. Not able to import LoginManager. Please advise when this is resolved.

I am unable to complete step 6 of 7 ’ Associating User Actions’.
6a. Implement the code necessary for a user to create a dinner event.
6b.Write the code that enables a user to RSVP to a dinner party.

When i click ‘view solution’ nothing changes in the code but it lets me move on. I was looking forward to doing this step but it doesnt seem possible at this point.

I have found that once you get to module 6 Accounts and Authentication, the skill path becomes impossible to complete. The descriptions and tasks become less cohesive and I have found myself just asking for the solution to understand what is expected. In some cases there is actually no change to the code. I hit the last straw today as I tried to continue with Show Logged in User and I get the pop-up note “Did you … ?” when running the code. It is pretty obvious that this skill path has not been completed. It is too bad. I am 92% complete and the first 80% has been very good. I raised an issue about this in help a few days ago and have not received any response. I am going to wait until these issues are addressed to continue.