FAQ: Intro to JSX - Hello World

This community-built FAQ covers the “Hello World” exercise from the lesson “Intro to JSX”.

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This exercise can be found in the following Codecademy content:

Web Development

Learn ReactJS: Part I

FAQs on the exercise Hello World

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Would anyone be able to explain the relationship between Facebook and the code being developed using their open source projects? I know React being open source means we can see the code and it’s free to use, but I’m not savvy enough to understand any caveats.

I know that React and Angular are both front end, component-based JS library/framework. Are React and Angular solving the same challenges? Is there ever a reason to use both Angular and React in a project? I know, already at this point in the course, that React is using Virtual DOM for fast, partial updates and I have never heard of Angular using the Virtual DOM so it seems to me that there may be use-case to use both. However, does Angular have an alternate solution for fast-updating that would preclude using React in conjunction with Angular?