FAQ: Intermediate JavaScript Modules - Named Imports

Hi Alex,

This whole thread is about arrow function syntax not being accepted in the Javascript Modules: Import Named Imports lesson. I just completed this lesson yesterday and can confirm that it is indeed still an issue.


My bad guys, I was on holiday when I saw it and asked someone else to write it up, but it looks like they haven’t. Will try to get this sorted quickly.


Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit to clarify that this is an issue in the entire Modules section, not just the Import Named Imports lesson.


@kgnunn999 thanks for the report! our Curriculum Team has been made aware of this bug. we’ll be sure to follow up with you here once it is fixed! :slight_smile:

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Terrible lessons when you get to modules, you cannot use certain ES6 components and you can’t use comments on line 1 or it’ll cause errors, so if you want to show your old code before changing it to the other it’ll give you a big fat wrong. Took me more time trying to figure out what I did wrong when it was correct. Why do we pay pro for issues on their end?


Why wont this section let me use template literals or arrow functions?

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my code seems to work when i call the function. I even checked the hint to double check my work and my code seems identical…can anyone explain why im still getting marked wrong? am i missing something?

Update…this finally worked when i made one small change…to put a space in between the two parantheses at the end of the console.log statement to make it a carbon copy of the code in the hint…this has no effect on the code what so ever and in other lessons did not prevent me from moving on to the next lesson. this needs to be fixed, it took five hours for me to figure that small change out, 5 hours that i could have been using on other lessons

Bugs seems to be getting more and more frequent as I go through the lessons and so does the lack of response from any CA employees (this thread being an exception) :-1:


I think: “string interpolation instead, arrow function notation”, didn’t work here, because testing unit was poorly written. We all have been in situation, where we had the right answers, but it still throw an error, because of single quotation mark, but testing unit scenario was made for double quotes. Instead of stamping useless lessons, don’t make it 15, make 5 but tested

My code gave the same result as intended, but was read as wrong. Why?

let displayStaffStatus = () => {
availableAirplanes.forEach(element =>
console.log(${element.name} meets staff requirements: ${meetsStaffRequirements(element.availableStaff, flightRequirements.requiredStaff)})


Same here, had to get the solution in order to proceed despite having the exact same code…checked it multiple times…thought I was mad. Happened 4 times so far…

Come on guys, I really like this platform, and the content is really amazing, don’t ruin it with some silly bugs, It is still there, the problem isn’t solved yet and you said that you noticed it from august 2019.
Just fix it, is it really so hard to do so?


If it is not clear what I am talking about, it is the problem with only accepting a certain solution while a lot of others are good, and having us trying just to get what you exactly want and concentrating on figuring this out while we already have a decent solution, instead of concentrating on the content itself.


What is going on at the end of the log? like the meetsStaffRequirements(element.availableStaff, flightRequirements.requiredStaff)); ? How is this working?

Guys you really need to review your passing criteria for these exercises. The whole module is borked.

It goes down to individual space (not on strings, but on the actual code itself). I grabbed my code, and the ‘hint’ code, pasted it into VS Code and after beautify the code was exactly equal to each other letter by letter, yet mine did not pass. Oh and Beautify modified the hint’s code, not mine. Funny.

Please review the checks. It’s beyond fustrating.


@alexc I saw that you are the one to talk to about this module. It won’t let me pass. It’s beyond confusing. And in the final task of lesson 8 Named Imports it’s now asking for a displayAirplane() function which I haven’t had to create.
I have no idea how to close this module, and I really want to be able to go on with my Web Development Path.

edit: I went to help and asked for the solution-code to pass this lesson. That worked to get me to the next lesson.

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Hey @silvith glad you’ve managed to progress. If you think the exercise still needs some clarification you can submit a request in #community:Codecademy-Bug-Reporting and that will get it flagged to the curriculum team :slight_smile:

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Does anyone here know why I’m getting this error when I try to run the whole exercise on my VS Code?

Thanks in advance for any help!

SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module

I don’t understand the use of function(element){}

Am I the only one?
I don’t understand which function it refers to, and which element?