FAQ: Intermediate JavaScript Modules - Named Imports

Hi Alex,

This whole thread is about arrow function syntax not being accepted in the Javascript Modules: Import Named Imports lesson. I just completed this lesson yesterday and can confirm that it is indeed still an issue.


My bad guys, I was on holiday when I saw it and asked someone else to write it up, but it looks like they haven’t. Will try to get this sorted quickly.


Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit to clarify that this is an issue in the entire Modules section, not just the Import Named Imports lesson.


@kgnunn999 thanks for the report! our Curriculum Team has been made aware of this bug. we’ll be sure to follow up with you here once it is fixed! :slight_smile:

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Terrible lessons when you get to modules, you cannot use certain ES6 components and you can’t use comments on line 1 or it’ll cause errors, so if you want to show your old code before changing it to the other it’ll give you a big fat wrong. Took me more time trying to figure out what I did wrong when it was correct. Why do we pay pro for issues on their end?