FAQ: Intermediate JavaScript Modules - Import Named Imports


This community-built FAQ covers the “Import Named Imports” exercise from the lesson “Intermediate JavaScript Modules”.

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Web Development

Introduction To JavaScript

FAQs on the exercise Import Named Imports

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There seems to be an inconsistency in coding style in this section compared to the previous ones. While I was able to follow a specific coding style which I use in VS Code (including ES6 arrow functions), this doesn’t seem possible any more here. While the code does work fine, Codecademy’s questions “Did you…” are so cryptic in such cases that I had to ask for the solution several times, only to find out that a single SPACE in a function declaration was the culprit. Arrow functions seem to be forbidden as well.


In these exercises suddenly it’s not allowed to use arrow functions and template literals anymore to continue to next steps. It takes some time to find out it is now expected to write the code in another way, and then refactor the code.

It would be nice if someone would take a look and fix this.


Agree, the coding style is much more harsh in this lesson.


I believe they might be using Babel to actually use ES6 import/export. That could explain the completely differently coding style required here, although this wouldn’t really explain the missing arrow functions.

What’s more concerning is that apparently no-one of the Codecademy team is interested in responding to ANY of my various comments and bug reports.