FAQ: Intermediate JavaScript Modules - Export as


This community-built FAQ covers the “Export as” exercise from the lesson “Intermediate JavaScript Modules”.

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Web Development

Introduction To JavaScript

FAQs on the exercise Export as

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In what situation(s) would I export a function as an alias?

I understand importing a function as an alias, because I might want to use someone else’s function but give it a different name. But the use case for exporting a function with an alias is not clear to me. If I am exporting it with an easier or more descriptive name, then shouldn’t I have just used that name to begin with? What’s the purpose of creating a function with one name and then exporting it under a different name?


The task is shown as failed if I use new line instead of a space

Why is this lesson so particular about its semicolons all of a sudden. I feel like the code compiles just fine without it, but if you don’t have them in it won’t let you advance. Are semicolons low-key essential?


How do you use the as keyword for exports upon declaration?

I’m trying to use the export/import syntax in Visual Study code with Node.js but keep getting the error:

“SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module”

I’ve googled this error and the common answer is that is have to add something to the package.json file, but when i searched my computer it found dozens of package.json files.

Any suggestions on how to make this work ?



Good day,

Do you run the npm init on your project file?

That is probably the package.json file they are referring to.