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Why do we need interfaces? A common thing I am seeing in the C# lessons is that they do not explain or tell you why you need something. How could you possibly know what your doing is right if you don’t know why its right from wrong? At best a lot of the lessons barely explain to you how to do a lot of this. Without MS or StackOverflow this would be impossible to learn, yet we are not paying them to learn what you teach us, which to me equates to you not deserving the money spent on PRO if you cannot adequately explain how and why these things you teach are important and why and when we need to use them.

Before even moving on to further lessons, why are we even doing this, because you never explain why so far. At this rate why are we paying for this when other sites give more info and for free?

using System;

namespace LearnInterfaces
  interface IAutomobile
    string LicensePlate { get; }
    double Speed { get; }
    int Wheels { get; }
    void Honk();

type or paste code here

using System;

namespace LearnInterfaces
  class Sedan : IAutomobile
    public string LicensePlate { get; }
    public double Speed { get; }
    public int Wheels { get; }
    public void Honk()

Very minor gripe, but at no point does it ever tell you to print “honk” to console, yet it yells at you if you don’t do it. Might want to add that to the instructions if it’s a requirement.


The explanation says you need to use the ‘semi-colon’ syntax when in-fact, you need to use a COLON. Might want to change that.

I’d agree that an explanation of why would be helpful. I read through the MS documentation and saw that it has to do with how inheritance works in C# so at least give a brief sentence saying that and that we’ll get to it later.

Someone here explains it pretty well. It might be a good idea to go check the forum at the end of each page to see if someone added any information you were missing.
Hope this helps.