FAQ: How to Backtrack - git checkout

This community-built FAQ covers the “git checkout” exercise from the lesson “How to Backtrack”.

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FAQs on the exercise git checkout

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Im having a difficult time trying to figuring out how im using the :
_git diff _ command.

it works until I modify the text of the scene-5.txt Once I change the text and run the git diff I get nothing… any Ideas?


The command - “git checkout HEAD filename” does not discard the changes in the working directory.
can someone explain this?


I had to close and re-open the file before it would show the changes were discarded:

  1. Click the “X” next to scene-5.txt
  2. Click Open File under Code Editor
  3. Select scene-5.txt

Hi. After using the git checkout command, the changes are not show in the working directory. This is despite using the process outlined by tensor2. Any suggestions?

Close and re-open the file to show the changes.

Is there any reason the lesson is having us specify HEAD with the checkout command? Can’t it be omitted since the HEAD is targeted by default?