FAQ: How to Backtrack - git checkout


This community-built FAQ covers the “git checkout” exercise from the lesson “How to Backtrack”.

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FAQs on the exercise git checkout

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Im having a difficult time trying to figuring out how im using the :
_git diff _ command.

it works until I modify the text of the scene-5.txt Once I change the text and run the git diff I get nothing… any Ideas?



The command - “git checkout HEAD filename” does not discard the changes in the working directory.
can someone explain this?


I had to close and re-open the file before it would show the changes were discarded:

  1. Click the “X” next to scene-5.txt
  2. Click Open File under Code Editor
  3. Select scene-5.txt

Hi. After using the git checkout command, the changes are not show in the working directory. This is despite using the process outlined by tensor2. Any suggestions?