FAQ: Hello World - What is C#?

This community-built FAQ covers the “What is C#?” exercise from the lesson “Hello World”.

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Is the C# course finished and ready to go? Because as of 4/8/2019 at 5:48 pm est, the Code Editor isn’t working. Any advice on getting it to work?

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C# is used for building .NET applications.When you write a C# application you are using .NET Framework. So all the applications which you can develop in .NET you can also use C# in those applications.There are many different types of applications developed in .NET.Some of the common applications developed in C# are:
پنجره دوجداره

  • Windows Services Long running process without UI.
  • Web Applications Client Server Applications
  • Windows Applications Applications which runs on desktops
  • Web Services Applications which provides functionality over HTTP
  • Games Using Unity
  • Console Applications Applications which don’t have …

Is it necessary to learn java before learning c#?

not at all ! learn whatever you want

That being said, C# seems to have many similar concepts to Java. So some prior Java knowledge, although not required, may come in handy.

My goal is to be a great programmer with C#

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thank you پنجره دوجداره

c# is a object oriented programming language and it is used for websites like mobile apps,vedio games

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I have learnt Python before this. My goal is to make video games.

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I want to learn C# because I want to help my team to build a backend