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This community-built FAQ covers the “Strings” exercise from the lesson “Hello World”.

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hey so the entire emojicode course is broken. :frowning:

the only way i can advance in this course is by directly copying the hint code (which is formatted IDENTICALLY to my hand written code) or by using the “View Solution” command.

this seems rather strange especially considering the large number of other bugs i have reported in the month i’ve been using this service. have any of these bugs i’ve reported even been addressed? i don’t know because i don’t receive any responses!


Hello there @mussarmusic!

I’ve completed the Learn Emojicode course and I noticed this a couple of times as well. A workaround is to copy the emojis used in the instructions and paste it into the code editor. This allows your code to work while still giving you to opportunity to solve each step yourself.

P.S. 😀 is not the same as 😃. The first one is correct when using the 😀 ❗️ method.

This course is broken! I do exactly as it tells in instructions(:grinning: :abc:1225 :abc: :exclamation:) but it says “Did you forget to put :exclamation: at the end?” and shows that I didn’t do it correctly. The only way it doesn’t show any errors is to do exactly it shows in the hint! :rage:


Same problem here. Weird.

Hello @daniel_c2a and @shanecode9!

There are many variations on the exclamation mark emoji and only one can be used in Emojicode. I suggest you copy the exclamation mark in the hint and paste it into the code editor whenever you need to.

Okay, thank you. :slight_smile:

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For those people having problems with :exclamation: who want more detail, the issue is that the character it appears to be expecting is the pair of unicode characters U+2757, U+FE0F (where U+FE0F is a variation selector). However, the Windows emoji input window doesn’t let you put this variation selector. Further, the editor doesn’t render a different variation for this variation selector, so it’s really difficult to tell that there is actually any difference. If you use this one :exclamation: it won’t work, but if you use this one :exclamation: it will. You should be able to see the difference by copying this text into Wordpad (Word, Notepad, and pretty much every other program I’ve tried renders them the same :expressionless: ). Unfortunately, although you can enter the variation selector in several applications (num lock on, hold alt; on numpad type +65039; release alt), the browsers I use don’t seem to be among them, so copy-pasting still seems to be the best solution.


It’s actually broken because I even tried it with the original site and it printed perfect strings.

I’m not sure then. It seems that the Windows exclamation mark causes this problem and copying and pasting the exclamation mark in the instruction or hint will allow you to progress, so I believe it has something to do with different exclamation marks.

Another reason could be that the wrong smiling face emoji is used (:grinning: is correct, :smiley: is not).