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This community-built FAQ covers the “Print” exercise from the lesson “Hello World”.

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Is there an efficient way of finding the emoji’s you need on the emoji keyboard? It took me a while to just find the emoji’s to wrap the print statement and the blue boxes. Had to finally resort to just copying and pasting the emoji from the instruction screen… :frowning:

Hello @blog2528865763 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

As mentioned in the lesson, an easy way to access the emoji keyboard is (Windows + .) on Windows and (Control + Command + space) on Mac.

For Windows, there are different tabs to access different categories of emojis (faces, objects, food, etc.) and one of those tabs is recently used emojis. The icon for that tab should look like a clock. The same goes for Mac in the frequently used section (icon is also a clock).

At the end it’s hard to tell which emoji is correct.
In Windows picker to tell these :grinning::smiley::exclamation::exclamation: apart is quite hard, and I don’t know how to pick the right :exclamation: in Windows picker, I can only copy and paste yours.

Yep! I have a Windows computer as well and I still haven’t figured out which exclamation mark to use :rofl:. The Windows emoji keyboard has a “Most recently used” tab for the latest emojis you’ve used, so you can use that to make sure you’re using the correct emojis.

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Right now I’m in Linux and I couldn’t find a way to some key to put quickly my emoticons on command line. I had to stay with copy and paste. =(

I am also on windows. Only one of the four exclamation mark emojis looks identical to the one in the examples, but when I use it is asks if I forgot it. How do I fix this?

Try copying and pasting the exclamation mark from the instructions. The Windows emoji keyboard doesn’t provide the correct exclamation mark for some reason.

Yeah, I’ll try it now.

How do you pull up the emoji keyboard on a Chromebook?

Isn’t this a question you can use Google for?