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This community-built FAQ covers the “Semicolons and Whitespace” exercise from the lesson “Hello World: Java”.

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how can the output be in different lines without an endline?

Hello, @blog8647988822. The output appears on different lines because of the println() method. It prints its arguments on a new line each time it’s called. If we used print() everything would be on the same line. See below:

public class LanguageFacts {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Press enter or return on your keyboard after each semicolon!
    System.out.println("Java is a class-based language.");
    System.out.println("Java classes have a 'main' method.");
    System.out.println("Java statements end with a semicolon.");
    System.out.println("Programming is useful and fun!");
    System.out.print(" there");
    System.out.print(", Buddy!");


Java is a class-based language.
Java classes have a ‘main’ method.
Java statements end with a semicolon.
Programming is useful and fun!
Hi there, Buddy!

Hope this helps!


hello. please you help me out. I was learning about whitespaces and semicolons and there was an excercise given to me to do
this is the excercise given to me:

The LanguageFacts.java file prints information about Java to the screen.

Unfortunately, the writer of the file has avoided using whitespace.

Make the file easier to read by adding a newline after each statement!


Inside main() , add a new statement printing how you feel about coding.

Start the message with: “Programming is… “.

Remember to place a semicolon at the end of the statement!

I successfully did the first one but the second one is giving me problems.
Kindly help me out.

Hello, @array7348921201.

Welcome to the forums.

My post above shows the correct syntax for printing statements to the screen. Not sure what other help I can offer without seeing your code. If you’d like to paste your code in a post, please follow these guidelines: How do I format code in my posts?

Hi everyone, I’m completely new here and I’ve been scratching my head on the second part of 4/7 for about 30mins now. I think what confused @array7348921201 is the same thing that confused me :
“Inside main()” made me think the “Programming is…” had to be in between the ().

@midlindner answer to the previous message made me realise that what we have to write is inside main() method, which means in between {} after the main() and not actually in between the (). Hope that helps.

I was also stuck on the second portion of the problem, the fact that it said to enter a statement between “main()” confused me because I thought I had to replace the original statements about Java with my own. (But as an above comment states, it appears as if “main()” is just the block of text within the curly braces {}).

The correct answer however is to simply write your own System.out.println in line 4. This line should look just like the other lines, but with your own message (for example: “Programming is challenging, but fun!”

Hope this helps!