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This community-built FAQ covers the “Java Review: Putting It All Together” exercise from the lesson “Hello World: Java”.

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i think the error you get is quite descriptive: TimeLine.java:18: error ‘{’ expected

it tells you what is missing, as well where you forgot the curly bracket.


follow op question to this screenshot. I get this error a lot, but codeacademy still excepts the solution, just as you see there. What is up with that? Also I don’t see how you can tell from this error where curly brackets are missing.

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Where am I going wrong?

step 3 of the instructions is:

Inside of the curly braces for the main() method

i don’t see curly brackets for your main method


I’m not getting any errors within the terminal, but I continue to get the red text informing me of how to use “single line comment syntax”. Currently, I am stuck on the third problem for this page. Any tips?