FAQ: Hello World: Java - Compilation: Creating Executables

You have to hit the Check Work (green) button after each step…it’s kinda annoying, but it’s a good fail-safe for beginners.

I’m totally new at this, but it looks to me like your program is executing just fine, it’s just missing statements in the Compiling.java file.

what exactly am i doing wrong here?

this lesson has turned me off Java on code academy, very poor lesson, poorly laid out poorly explained, even on reveal its not clear what the solution is. Im out

Hey @newcoder73, welcome to the forums!

Ugh, that’s always super annoying when you come across an exercise like that. Are you sure you want to leave Codecademy though? No website or coding program is perfect and I would recommend re-reading the lesson and trying to understand it better. If you still have trouble with it, you can go ahead and submit a bug report so the people at Codecademy can see that people are having trouble with this and try to fix it.