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This community-built FAQ covers the “Compilation: Creating Executables” exercise from the lesson “Hello World: Java”.

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I need help with running the list on the terminal. I keep entering 1s but it never works for some reason



Its a L not a 1. Don`t worry I did the same mistake. :slight_smile:


but it is not working

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Hello, @mega3707257709! Welcome to the forum.
Did you type ls in the far right panel after the $ prompt, and then click enter?


same thing happened to me, if I type 1s, it doesn’t work, if I copy the 1s written by them and paste it in, it does… No idea why…

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It’s ls not 1s => lowercase L and s not the number 1 and s. It’s a command that is short for list.


oh, sorry. Thank you :).


No worries. The distinction between l and 1 is pretty subtle, and without a coding background it’s pretty easy to mistake what the instructions are asking for.

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Hello, the same thing happened to me, Solution: type ls and ENTER

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What is the compilation command


Hello I am having a similar issue. I write the command ls, i get the list but the step doesnt complete. I am using firefox.

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Hello, @stopmyego. Welcome to the forum.
Did you click the Check Work button at the bottom of the console window after executing the ls command? You’ll need to click Check Work after each step in this exercise.

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On a few occasions when trying to run the terminal I get an error even though I think I’m inputting exactly what I need to. This happened on the previous exercise as well, I had to restart the exercise and input the exact same thing for it to succeed.
Or I’m crazy, can somebody check this work?


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For step 2 I am entering “javac Compiling.java” and it won’t work (I did’t type in the quotations). Anyone know why it is not working?

I Have successfully compile and execute the program terminal shows the correct output but i cant go for next option.

Hello, @tag4411326920. Welcome to the forum.
Did you also click the Check Work button at the bottom of the console after executing the program?

I’ve done all the necessary things in order for me to complete the task but the “Next” Button won’t light up ???

WELLLPP IT BUGGED. I refreshed the browser anddd there the button lighten up.

Having the same problem here executive the file after compiling : https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-java/lessons/hello-world-java/exercises/compilation-creating-executables?action=resume_content_item