FAQ: Hello World: Java - Compilation: Catching Errors

Where is the Check work button? I literally don’t have it

It doesn’t exist. Looks like when they updated the Command Line or Git Class they glitched this one because their code for the Terminal changed. That’s my guess anyway.

Looks like the only way to pass it is to input the Code Solution they give us, that will automatically fill out the 3 Steps for you so that you can proceed.

thank you so much!!!

I cant get question #3 on Catching Errors im putting “javac Compiling.java;” Ive tried other things but im assuming its broken

did you do all of these steps?

  1. fix the missing ;
  2. type in javac Compiling.java, and then press enter (or return)
  3. click on the “Check Work” button in the lower right corner.

yes I did and nada my friend im not sure what else to do at this point.

even after pressing enter, in the terminal it says that javac Compiling.java command not found

Welcome to the forums! In this case, it looks like there’s a problem with the learning environment itself. Your command is correct. I’d recommend trying to reset the lesson.

I didn’t know that what is was called either. Thanks for asking that question i was stuck there for a second. And thanks for the person who explained it. truly thankful for you both.

Let me just say I am not sure if maybe I missed instruction about these 3 panes… but I have been stuck on why the code wasn’t working even when I copy pasted it into the middle pane(beginner to java so I though this was where we were typing this code in) so to find this answer you have saved my sanity and taught me something! Thank you so much!!

I have the feeling my question is going to sound dumb but I am going to ask anyway. When the term ‘terminal’ is used in this lesson, where is that in the coding. I understand what a ‘terminal’ is as far as a computer is concern but I have gone back in this lesson and I can’t find where it explains it in reference to java coding. Can someone help me?

I was struggling with this exercise too. I found a tutorial on Youtube explaining the exercise and than I could understand it. I won´t post the link here because I don´t know if it is allowed, but it is easy to find.

I don’t know but it seems like you still haven’t fixed it? I was just confused about what exactly I was doing wrong since it won’t let me use Enter to run, nor any other way but the Check Work button- When I click on it it just asks me if I tried running the javac Compiling.java command and it doesn’t do anything else but that. When I check the difference between my code and the solution, the solution is simply the code already fixed, it doesn’t really tell me where to put javac or anything… :frowning:

The issue with step #3 is that you need to leave the terminal, go back to the editor, and put a semicolon at the end of one of the statements already there because it is missing. You guys need to add a hint for this because it is not obvious and it seems like many people are stuck on this step. This YouTube video helped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ekncpEblM

same as still not working for me

spell correctly as Compiling — THE FRIST LETTER CAPITAL