FAQ: Hello World: Java - Compilation: Catching Errors

The instructions say I haven’t put a semicolon at the end but I have.

What even is a terminal can someone please explain

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A device for reading and writing text. If you point a program at it you could read what the program says, and say things to the program. Nowadays they’re typically an app on your desktop.

есть еще те у когхо не получилось?

Try pressing the “Check Work” button after adding the semi-colon. An earlier user deleted the semi-colon, then added it back in, and then pressed “Check Work”.

I noticed that we have to hit Enter before the green button (console Work or something)

I use vscode ( Visual Studio Code ), so I tried to do this but where do I type it, and I am not able to debug on it too!

java’s hello world tutorial part 7 instruction 3 doesn’t seem to be detecting the input of the single line comment “//” in the editor

what is off platform

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Same, what does terminal mean?
I tried to put “javac Compiling.java” in different line, it also didnt able to run

The terminal does not work and every time I need to press the button for a solution.

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Try typing “javac Compiling.java is” that seemed to fix the issue for me

thankyou man. I kept typing in 1s

I am stuck on the first part or question. When I type in the javac Compiling.java into the terminal and click the check work button, it says, “Did you run javac Compiling.java in the terminal?” when I did. What can I do to fix this?

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Make sure you press Enter after typing in javac Compiling.java. Otherwise, your file won’t compile since you haven’t actually entered a command into the terminal.

I know this is a pretty dumb question, but where’s the terminal? I’m pretty sure I know where it is but I just want to make sure, since I’ve been typing in javac Compiling.java and running it and it still says my work is wrong. Is it me or is it the terminal not working?

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If you’re in the Codecademy learning environment, the terminal should be the rightmost pane. Make sure to click “Check Work” after you complete a step. If you’re talking about running a file on your own computer, you can use Terminal on Mac or Command Prompt (or Powershell) on Windows.

For people who are having trouble the terminal is the screen on the right, you need to type it exactly as it is and press enter or return. If it says compiling.java:6 error ‘;’ … then it is correct if it doesn’t say that then you need to rewrite the code.

Wher is terminal located? where we have to write javac Compiling.java in first question

If you want to go in the next lession just press view solution and then replace with solution all your questions wil be solved and you can press next and continue