FAQ: Hello World: Java - Compilation: Catching Errors

The instructions say I haven’t put a semicolon at the end but I have.

What even is a terminal can someone please explain

A device for reading and writing text. If you point a program at it you could read what the program says, and say things to the program. Nowadays they’re typically an app on your desktop.

есть еще те у когхо не получилось?

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Try pressing the “Check Work” button after adding the semi-colon. An earlier user deleted the semi-colon, then added it back in, and then pressed “Check Work”.

I noticed that we have to hit Enter before the green button (console Work or something)

I use vscode ( Visual Studio Code ), so I tried to do this but where do I type it, and I am not able to debug on it too!

java’s hello world tutorial part 7 instruction 3 doesn’t seem to be detecting the input of the single line comment “//” in the editor

what is off platform