FAQ: Hello World - Compiling


I am trying to run the “Hello World” program on the bash terminal, in accordance to the instructions on the exercise involving the gcc compiler.

Using the terminal, manually compile the Hello World code in script.c:

*** Run gcc on script.c**
*** Name the executable file as helloWorld**

I left the code written below as it was on the left side.

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
// output a line
printf(“Hello World!\n”);

However, when I run “gcc myProgram.c -o myProgram” program on the gcc (on the right side), the terminal outputs “fatal error: no input files. compilation terminated”.

I am not sure what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This lesson is a little consusing at first.

The solution to the first Instruction would be “gcc script.c -o script”. After that, I am a little confused to what is to be done exactly. Any help?

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They asked you to differentiate the name of the c file (script.c) and the executable you compiled, like: gcc script.c -o helloworld, by doing that you are compiling the script.c file into a language understandable by the computer.
They choose to name this executable “helloWorld”
Since, you have done an “executable”, then you read this executable by ./"name of my executable"


Why do you get the correct output even after changing the code? say I had the code from this lesson
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
// output a line
printf(“Hello World!\n”);

gcc script.c -o helloWorld

prints Hello World!

then I changed the code to
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
// output a line
something that should give an error and then did
gcc script.c -o helloWorld

why does it still print Hello World!

I am so confused as to what to write onto the bash compiler. Could anybody help? Thanks

Have you look at the comment above FAQ: Hello World - Compiling - #3 by _elmn ?

What have you tried entering in the bash terminal? That may offer a clue as to the nature of your mistake.

I’ve tried that and what it tells me to type in won’t work either.

What are you typing? Can you kindly copy paste here exactly what you are typing?

this is exactly what I am typing into the bash terminal. I would really appreciate the help
gcc helloWorld.c -o helloWorld

PLEASE DISREGARD!! Was able to figure it out. Thank you!

I dont understand it at all i type " (gcc script.c -o helloWorld) " and tells me in the bottom in red to type gcc script.c -o helloWorld tried everything and the hint doesnt even say much at all


i figured it out had to to type it in the bash console? i think its called. really didnt understand it all can someone talk me thru it?

can you tell me how did you figure it out, please?

Hey, so you have to type "gcc script.c -o hello World " (without the quoatation marks) in the compiler (bash. right sight) and then Run the script. For the second task you need “./helloWorld”. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I think that wasnt his problem, he says he had to type it in the bash console with a question mark that may mean he was not typing it there.

I’m trying to solve the problem (that I thought I understood), but I can’t get anything correct from any kind of way I try. And when I click on View Solution to see what I’m doing wrong it appears nothing on the correct side.

For this particular exercise, “View Solution” isn’t going to be helpful. The solution only shows the script.c file, whereas the exercise doesn’t involve editing the file. The exercise involves typing in commands in the bash terminal which aren’t shown by the “View Solution” option.

What EXACTLY are you typing in the terminal?

To share your attempted solution in a forum post, you can EITHER use the </> button to type in the commands you have tried entering in the terminal (the </> option helps preserve formatting of code in forum posts) OR you could take a screenshot (of the commands you have entered in the bash terminal) and upload it via the Upload button (The </> button will be simpler and less time consuming).

This will help clear up the nature of the mistake in your attempted solution.


Hii guys , i have unable to understand this lesson. can someone pls help me to figure it out.

I was stuck on this lesson for some time and I figured this below:

  • The compiler is the program that converts your code to an executable program that can be run on your computer.

Step 1: Type this in the bash terminal “$ gcc script.c -o helloWorld” (Without Quotation Marks) and click on “Run”, this will clear the problem 1
Step 2: In the bash terminal type “./helloWorld” (Without Quotation Marks) you will get output as Hello World!

What happens in Step 1 is that you are converting your code to an executable program that can be run on your computer.

  • gcc is how we run the compiler application.
  • script.c is the filename of our code to be compiled.
  • -o helloWorld is an optional but common addition to the command. It tells gcc to output the program executable under the name helloWorld.

In step 2: We can run the executable with the following command, again using the terminal: ‘./helloWorld’

Hope this helps.

Just write the code in the Right Panel of the screen, not below the code of the left side