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I think this section about Hash Maps needs to be reviews and possibly revised.
I found all of this content hard to read through.

For example:

There are different hash collision strategies. Two important ones are separate chaining, where each array index points to a different data structure, and open addressing, where a collision triggers a probing sequence to find where to store the value for a given key.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me but I ran them through Grammarly and it also reported that they were hard to read.

This paragraph is only 2 sentences and lots of commas. It is hard to distinguish where it addresses the 2 important collision strategies.

I think this can be resolved by:

  • To break up this paragraph and sperate the 2 strategies into bullet points to make them distinguishable from one another.
  • It should be at least 3 sentences. First should be an intro to what topic it is going to reference, the second and third should be about the 2 different strategies.

Also for the pages with examples, I think it would be more effective if all the examples reflected the content more closely, specifically the hashing functions being used. The content talks about one hash function but the example a different one.


The quiz questions are not worded the greatest.
I also expected more question after 12 pages of content.