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This community-built FAQ covers the “Git workflow” exercise from the lesson “Git Teamwork”.

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Anyone have any issues with inputting the biology question/completing this step of the exercise?


im facing same issues on this page

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I passed the 4. instruction by putting the question to “my-quizzes” folder.


this doesn’t work…i couldn’t get past it without selecting “give me solution”

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I’m also having some issue I can’t run the code editor after adding the text in biology.txt. I’ve tried many times and it still doesn’t work

Yeah this doesn’t work. The screen keeps going white every time I click anything


Happens the same thing to me.

Ditto on the white screen.

Same here… with this error : image

I am experiencing the same issue described above by other codecademy users. Hitting on Run (not save) brings an error - see the step before the error. After hitting on run button the page becomes blank. I am using Mozilla Firefox

I managed to move forward only by using @rayraychilll suggestion above to select “give me a solution”

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I also facing with the white page error And Selected “give me a solution” . bug not fixed.

anyone get this to work

Instruction number 1 asks to enter in the directory my-quizzes, therefore, the file biology.txt to be used, is the one from this folder, instead of the the one in the science-quizzes folder.

There is no biology.txt file in my-quizzes folder, unless you run ‘git pull’ or ‘git fetch’ && ‘git merge origin/master’ on ‘master’ to retrieve the latest updates from the remote. However the tutorial does not include that instruction.

Points 2 and 3 require an extra new line enter in the terminal to be registered as completed.

Can someone explain steps 1-4 at the top of the learn tab in more detail, because I’m getting confused.

I got stuck there
I didn’t care where the text is. You have Good Insight. Thanx!!

Okay… So the ‘Save’ button is labelled ‘Run’ and that seems to be the only issue I can find with this lesson.

For step 4: Add your question to biology.txt in the ‘my-quizzes’ directory (branch). Then click ‘Run’. This will save your work to the file. (An indicator that this satisfied the requirements of step 4 is that the tick turns to green)

For step 5: Do as the task requests and add the ‘biology.txt’ file to the staging area (git add biology.txt). This will result in step 5 being completed.

For step 6: Commit this file to the repository (git commit -m “Added biology question”). This commits it to the ‘my-quizzes’ branch and satisfies the requirement for step 6.

If the team at Codeacademy could update the ‘Run’ button to be ‘Save’ it would prevent a lot of confusion in this lesson.