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How do we view our branches?

Nevermind, git branch.

I can’t get past page 3? i do the git branch new_fencing but it is not working? does anyone know what it is?

how do we get past page 3?? i put in the code correctly but it keeps saying i did not name it fencing, but I did! HELP!!!

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I have the same problem and I can not move forward and I tried everything is very frstante al guien who can help please ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Im having trouble how were you able to resolve the problem?

were you able to solve the problem? Im stuck also.

Stuck on page 3? Type, “git branch fencing” without the quotations. I was stuck for an entire day and that’s the only thing that worked.

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Thank you so much I had been stuck on this problem for a while lol. Thanks again.

Hi guys, what does -M mean in the following code:
git branch -M main

same problem in 2023

“git branch fencing” is correct sentence. If you have stuck even typed this, just refresh the browser. It work for me!

I will explain how to get rid of this problem, in steps:

  1. make sure you delete the branches you created
    use the command git branch --delete 'here you put your branch that you want to delete ’ no quotes
  2. after you delete the extra branch make sure you have only 2 branches created, master and fencing
  3. make sure you are on the right branch, sometimes you moved by mistake on the wrong branch, you need to be on the master branch. To move on the master branch type git checkout master

your code should look like this
git branch

  • master <------the star should be on master

Hope this helps everyone, have a nice day!

it is not working
i tried this code also but problem is the same