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This file does not exists “/home.html.erb”. Am I missing some instruction? Am I supposed to create the file? I am including the instructions along with the screen shot. Please help. Thank you.

same problem… File does not exist!

I’m having the same issue as mentioned by @hhc, kindly provide a feedback, Thank you.

I am also having the same issue mentioned above ^

wtf!? isn’t anyone monitoring this forum??? good thing I haven’t paid yet.

you need to create the file by clicking on the three dots (encircled) and select New File


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I’m running into an issue where I got through the instructions (also had to create the erb file manually), and it won’t let me move forward even though I’m viewing the page in the browser. Anyone else experience this? Tried refreshing, opening in my actual browser, etc.

thank you for the solution bad.banana


I’m just jumping in to bump this issue.
You still have to create the home.html.erb file yourself, as opposed to what the instructions say.

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I clicked on “run” in every step and the files were created.