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This community-built FAQ covers the “Hello Rails I” exercise from the lesson “Getting Started”.

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I’ve done the 3 steps on page 1…
rails new MySite bundle install
$ rails server

Everything in the terminal window looks fine.
Yet, at http://localhost:8000 I only see the messages for “This site can’t be reached … localhost refused to connect.”

I’m expecting to see a default page, “Welcome aboard”.
If I search the directory where all the RoR directories are for the text " You’re riding Ruby on Rails!" that is not found.

I did go through apache2 setup, and I do see my “Hello World!” page I created, at http://localhost

I’m on a Mac.
What could I look into, next?
Shouldn’t RoR be displaying that default page, now, at localhost:8000?

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Am I supposed to see something other that what is on the pic below when doing this lesson? If so, there are not instructions on how I need to fix it. Please help!

anybody home?

i did all the exercises yet the Next button is still greyed out!!

is there a mod here??

Hey @bad.banana!
Have you tried reloading the page, restarting your browser, clearing your cookie cache, and restarting your computer? And, if you’re not already, try using the Chrome web browser/
If it still doesn’t work, I recommend submitting a bug report.

been there, done that.
i have to reset the session and go back to square one to make it work!


Hello, did you ever find out what the issue was? I’m having the same problem. Cheers

Try resetting the progress and see if it works. It has happened to me and looks like it’s the only workaround I’ve found :man_facepalming:t2: