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This community-built FAQ covers the “Basic Commands” exercise from the lesson “Getting Started”.

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[Beta] Learn PowerShell

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Hi, I am unable to understand this instructions or ask even i tried the hint format it is not working :

Let’s see if any other commands act on the Date.

Output only commands with Date as the noun.

Click to Check Work when complete.

What have you tried entering in the terminal? Can you share what commands you have typed?

The explanatory text gives the example of the command that outputs all commands acting on Host (by using the -Noun flag).

Step 3 wants you to do the same but with Date as the noun.

Same here, horrible instructions, quitting this course.

First you should explain what has to be done? What are the commands available? how do you expect people to know what to know things without learning?

You have to provide more information about what you are thinking and attempting. That is the only way to effectively communicate your point(s) of confusion. Then, someone may be able to offer useful advice to clear up any doubts.

Did you read the explanatory text of the exercise? It shows you a couple of commands and also shows how you can get a list of ALL the commands (as mentioned in the sentence),

Without any argument, Get-Command will output all available CmdLets. We can also request specific CmdLets …

To narrow down the commands, we can use flags such as -Verb and -Noun. The explanatory text gives a couple of examples as well showing the usage of these flags. Step 3 wants you to use this information to carry out a similar task.

Unless you elaborate and expand on your thoughts and provide details on the sort of things you have tried to complete Step 3, it is not a reasonable expectation that your fellow students will somehow on their own identify your point of confusion.

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It is your choice whether you want to complete the course or drop it. It doesn’t make a difference to me.

Just to be clear. I neither work for Codecademy nor am I associated with Codecademy. I am just a fellow student who was trying to get you to think about the task and then nudge you in the right direction based on your response.

I fail to understand what was so perplexing.

The explanatory text show how you can narrow down the commands to host-related commands by using

Get-Command -Noun Host

Step 3 wanted you to do the same but with Date, so

Get-Command -Noun Date

will accomplish the task.

Anyway, I am neither justifying anything nor do I need to justify it. If you have issues with Codecademy, you can offer them feedback or contact their help center. If you have issues with me, I don’t even know you. So, take the course or drop the course. Either way, it’s your issue.

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