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This community-built FAQ covers the “Tackling Multiple Arguments” exercise from the lesson “Functions”.

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I have made it to step 4 and I have to call name_x_times with arguments my_name and some_number within int main(). My problem is that when I type in the code it says that I need to type it within main() although I already am. What am I doing wrong? If somebody could please help that would be greatly appreciated.

// Define name_x_times() below:
void name_x_times(string name, int x)
while (x>0)
std::cout<< name;

int main() {

std::string my_name = “Add your name here!”;
int some_number = 5; // Change this if you like!
// Call name_x_times() below with my_name and some_number

name_x_times(my_name, some_number);


Your subtraction operation doesn’t look correct. Try to add another minus sign:

x - -;


Thanks for the suggestion. Although I do already have two minus signs, it just does not appear that way in the text above. Any other suggestions?


Thank you for your help chipcoder46164, my problem with the code was that I needed to put (std::string name, int x).

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just finished step 4 in this chapter

¨my code.

#include <iostream>

// Define name_x_times() below:
void name_x_times(std::string name, int x) {
  while (x > 0); { 
  std::cout << name;

int main() {
  std::string my_name = "Jonathan";
  int some_number = 5; // Change this if you like!
  // Call name_x_times() below with my_name and some_number
  name_x_times (my_name, some_number);  


and cant move on the circle when pressing run is just rolling around,

thanks in advanced,



Question: how come strings have to be defined with std::string x; , but ints can just say int x; without the std:: thing?? Which vars have to be defined before you give the type and which don’t??