FAQ: Flexbox - Nested Flexboxes

This community-built FAQ covers the “Nested Flexboxes” exercise from the lesson “Flexbox”.

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FAQs on the exercise Nested Flexboxes

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What does step 8 do? Nothing seems to change…


Bump does anyone know what step 8 does since .child is an flex-item not a container?
@codeneutrino @8-bitgaming


@microace27095 and @board1774168228 I think Codecademy did this by accident. You can report this lesson (which I’ll also do) so that the curriculum developers can fix it


Nested Flexboxes

.child class displays the element as a block level flex container which takes the full width of its parent container. Content is centered based on the width of its parents container. Items are centered from to to bottom.

Same question here…