FAQ: Flexbox - Align-content

This community-built FAQ covers the “Align-content” exercise from the lesson “Flexbox”.

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FAQs on the exercise Align-content

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Why did the items that had the stretch property by default expand when I changed height to min-height, but not the other elements? Does the alignment prevent them from stretching in any way?

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In case it’s useful to anyone else browsing the thread:

In the 5 id selectors in the exercise’s css, we’ve set these to the other 5 possible values for align-content (e.g. flex-start, flex-center), where each represent one of the 5 non-default options for align-content.

Only the value stretch expands the flex-items to fill the parent container. As we haven’t set anything for the stretch id in the css, and as stretch is align-content's default, this takes effect for the final group when we set a min-height rather than a fixed height.

In the example in this exercise, the dimensions of the container and child were declared using pixels.

  1. Could rem have been used instead?
  2. If so, what effect would this have had on the flex-wrap: wrap; and align-content: space-around; declarations?
  3. In this situation is it preferable to use px or rem to declare dimensions?

Why does setting a min-height rather than a fixed height cause this to take effect?

After we changed the “height” declaration to “min-height” the boxes stretched. Why?

I’m asking because although there is an id named “stretch” in the html file, there is no declaration for it in the CSS file.

So, are flex items, by default, stretchable? If yes, why did we use the id "stretch in the html file?