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This community-built FAQ covers the “Name Errors” exercise from the lesson “Errors in Python”.

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File “script.py”, line 1, in
NameError: name ‘score’ is not defined

I was just wondering how could the computer identify this case as a NameError instead of a SyntaxError(It can also be interpreted as ‘score’ is a string but quotation mark is missing).

What is the weird \n thing i see in the print() section?
it indicates that a new line will be printed. Which is alot easier than “”" ENTER “”"

What should go in option three other than “” ?
Please help satisfy my third eye.

How was I meant to know “yoo-hoo” was the missing option 3? What is yoo hoo? in fact what are all those options? Fresca? V8? what??

It isn’t really relevant for the lesson. They already provide the answer to the question which is A(a)/option 1, Fresca.
You are supposed to simply assign the variable ‘option3’ to any answer you want, since that’s one of the name errors you have to debug. Yoohoo, water, orange juice, it doesn’t matter. The code will use ‘A’ (option1) as the answer regardless of what beverage you assign option3 to.

Hope it makes sense.

You have prolly figured this out by now but I’m answering, nonetheless, for anyone who might be confused in the future.

Hi, forgive my ignorance, but if I remove option3 entirely from the script, would that not also fix the ‘Name Error’?

In this program there are two name errors, one is option3 variable is not defined and other one is score variable was incorrectly typed in line 19. We have two solutions here, either option3 variable can be defined or print statement in line 13 can be removed.