FAQ: Environment - nano

This community-built FAQ covers the “nano” exercise from the lesson “Environment”.

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Learn the Command Line

FAQs on the exercise nano

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I seem to be following the instructions and am not getting an error message but my little green box doesn’t get ticked…? please help


There are three checkmarks in that exercise. Which one are you referring to?

The last one is to run a command which causes something to happen, did it?

Since most of it is about editing a file, what is the content of that file if you read it again from the file system?

When working on the exercise, I follow the directions and type:

alias pd=“pwd” CtrlO
file1 CtrlX

but it wont check off the green box. What am I doing wrong? Nothing in the nano exercise seems to work.


Same for me. I followed the instructions, but it won’t check off the green box either! A bit frustrated here and not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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yep! I’m in the same boat with all of you. I’m following the exercises and the little check boxes are not turning green.

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close the tab and reopen. It helped me

Am I the only one thinking that the whole “Command Line course” is a big mess?


I am on the nano module of the Command Line course and it seems to be stuck. The box for number 2 (~/ .bash_profile) will not check. I’ve done the requested step several times. I do not get an error message, but the box won’t check for me to move on. I even closed out my browser and started fresh, but the box won’t check. Help.

I am having the same issue. I already reported it as a bug to Code Academy several days ago and have had no reply. This is really poor since I paid for the Pro version specifically in order to complete this course.
I have tried closing the tab and re-opening and it made no difference.

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I am following the instructions but the check box does not turn green once I complete the exercise, so it won’t let me progress on to the next question.
I have tried closing and re-opening the tab as suggested in some people’s answers, but that makes no difference.

What is the bash_profile?

Annoyingly, my firefox browser recognises CTRL + O command as ‘open file’ and every time I press it it opens the window for opening a file :woman_facepalming:
Is there any way to get around this issue?

i tried this too on command line course, right during the nano course

i am having the same exact issue at the same exact point on my course

tried everything still doesnt work ,

Hello @creed254 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

Could you elaborate a bit more on the issue you are having? I completed the course and this lesson worked fine for me.

Also, did you enter clear after editing the bash_profile ?

no, I’m not happy either.

Help help; I did something wrong at the start of the Environment lesson and I can’t get nano to reset. I enter clear and nothing happens.

Hello @progresspanda!

clear does not reset the terminal, it simply provides you with a blank terminal screen. Could you elaborate more on what issue you are having? What have you entered into the command line? And what step are you stuck on?