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This community-built FAQ covers the “Bash Profile” exercise from the lesson “Environment”.

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I can’t seem to move forward from the alias pd=“pwd” can someone assist me with this command?


I had trouble also, but I was putting spaces on either side of the = sign. Once I took those out it worked.


Thank you, that solved my problem.
[no offers of a solution and no way to move on!!]


I am going in a loop around writing the alias pd for pwd. I am, I think following directions and the given solution perfectly, including above mentioned spacing but still get stuck here. resetting work are doesn’t seem to help.
Any suggestions??? stubbornness in multiple attempts is not helping:sweat_smile:

When I reset the lesson, the cursor is above the greeting. How do I move it to below the greeting? Trying to work above definitely does not work.



Cursor…? If you’re talking about the text editor Nano, then I imagine arrow keys let you move the cursor (a bit crude perhaps, but for a small edit it hardly matters)

No clue what is wrong for you, but I suggest running the alias command directly in the shell before you put it in the file, until you’ve got the right command.

For example:

$ alias 'derp=echo hello world'
$ derp
hello world

clearly that worked, now I can add the command to my profile file, and then I can reload bash (both to clear the alias that was just created, and to run the profile file again)


Thank you. I did figure out the arrows would move the cursor
I will try testing aliases before I exit

I was sent to take the command line course about 25% way thru Python course.The teaching environment is very different Rather than giving helpful hints like you did above, it just ticks off the lesson boxes so I can go to the next section , so I never see how the code should be written properly, so thank you, i needed the visual to see proper code as a learning tool