FAQ: Environment - Aliases I

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When I did the course, I was able to complete it. What are the exact commands and aliases you used? Make sure you’re saving your aliases in nano.

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Hello, Victoria. Thank you for the reply. Please take a look on my print screen:

And that’s all. I just can not move forward.

I’m more of a vim acolyte but for I’m fairly confident that for nano where “filename” is on your picture should typically be the actual name of the file. In this case I’d expect it to be /home/ccuser/.bash_profile.

If you’re using nano the steps would be: use command nano ~/.bash_profile, enter alias, save this file Ctrl+O, exit nano, source the new profile . ~/.bash_profile and then run the newly aliased command.

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Good evening, Tgrtim! Thank you very much. Yessss, that’s solved the problem. I was really confused, that in exercise 1, the hint was: “nano filename - Opens that file in nano!”… My bad… Sorry! :slight_smile:

I am more and more afraid that IT sphere is not for me…

I’d not worry about it too much; there’s so many concepts to introduce in these lessons that there’s not much focus on the “why” so at times you’re reliant on instructions/guesswork which can often lead you down funny paths with trial and error. I don’t know if there’s stats for it but there’s a very small percentage of folks who work with computers who have even a vague familiarity with the command line so by the time you finish up you’ll have some knowledge that few other possess. Hopefully you’ll feel it was worthwhile anyway; I certainly did :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you very much for your help and encouragement, Tgrtim!