FAQ: Drawing and Coloring Shapes with p5.js - fill() and noFill()

This community-built FAQ covers the “fill() and noFill()” exercise from the lesson “Drawing and Coloring Shapes with p5.js”.

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I have a question, since I got stuck on this exercise: For 1 ), for example, I wanted to specifically change only the top left circle blue. But even in the solution to this exercise setting the fill to blue makes ALL the shapes turn blue. Which I thought was a mistake or fluke before checking out the solution. Why is this? Hopefully I’ll learn a slightly more advanced way later with P5 to target one specific shape and to not have all shapes of a sketch targeted by default with the first fill rule, for example. I completed this exercise but I was really hung up on targeting one specific shape (top left circle). Hopefully this question makes sense

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

You’re right, after Step 1, all the shapes will be the same color. The reason for this is that fill() was called in the beginning and not called with different arguments after the circle was drawn. As you complete the next steps in this exercise, you’ll see how calling fill() again allows you to change the color of the others as well so they each have unique colors.

Also, sneak peak, but in future lessons you’ll also learn other techniques for changing the colors and other attributes temporarily.

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