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This community-built FAQ covers the “Mouse Events” exercise from the lesson “DOM Events with JavaScript”.

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Hi there.

I’ve fallen at the first hurdle here.
Question one.

What am I doing wrong?

// These variables store the boxes on the side
let itemOne = document.getElementById('list-item-one');
let itemTwo = document.getElementById('list-item-two');
let itemThree = document.getElementById('list-item-three');
let itemFour = document.getElementById('list-item-four');
let itemFive = document.getElementById('list-item-five');
let resetButton = document.getElementById('reset-button');

// This function programs the "Reset" button to return the boxes to their default styles
let reset = function() {
  itemOne.style.width = ''
  itemTwo .style.backgroundColor = ''
  itemThree.innerHTML = 'The mouse must leave the box to change the text'
  itemFive.hidden = true;
resetButton.onclick = reset;

// Write code for the first list item

// Write code for the second list item

// Write code for the third list item

// Write code for the fourth list item

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Referring to Exercise #3, an event handler property consists of:

  • the event target (e.g. itemOne)
  • followed by the event name; i.e. the event type with the prefix ‘on’ (e.g. onmouseover)
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Hi Team,

I keep getting itemOne is not defined error. This is for the second question in the exercise to:

Now, assign an anonymous event handler function that changes the width of itemOne to any size greater or less than 400px .

My code is here:
let itemOne = document.getElementById(‘list-item-one’); (provided by the course).

itemOne.onmouseover = function() {
itemOne.style.width > “400px”

Any ideas why team?

Figured it out - set it exactly to equal another value literally (500px ) or 300px.

Does anyone know there is a better way to code this? or do we have to be explicit in events to exact sizes?

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same here what gives?

got it now… it has to be itemOne.onmouseover

so it has to be onmouseover instead of mouseover?

Yes, its always with “on” in the beginning, however in the Documentation its without.
Any clue why?

I first had issues when trying the “mouseover” and noticed you had to use ONmouseover when doing the itemOne.onmouseover; , but then i had som issues with step 2. I noticed though that it works fine when using the addEventListener. So if you are having issues, try to use itemOne.addEventListener(‘mouseover’, function() {});
And notice that when using the addEventListener you are NOT using ONmouseover, but only mouseover.