FAQ: Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages - Initialize Your Repo

This community-built FAQ covers the “Initialize Your Repo” exercise from the lesson “Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages”.

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where do you find a websites directory on github pages



I don’t understand how to use the “cd” command to navigate to my site’s directory. :pensive:

For example you have a directory:

              Cat's funeral

Okay so you are in images folder,
You can go back using cd ..
Then you want to go to funny folder inside videos so you can do this in one command: cd Videos/Funny
Or you can do it in two commands: cd Videos (On a new line)
cd Funny

You could do it in one command cd ../Videos/Funny
And if like you are in Sad folder inside videos and you want to get to the Desktop: cd ../.. firstly it backs to videos folder then to the desktop folder
Hope this helps to understand the cd command :grinning:


Thank you very much for your help ! Now I can peacefully continue my exercise :sob:

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Hi, I want to create my website from scratch instead of using Jekyll. How do I use GitHub in this scenario?

I already have all my codes?


Step 2 is really simple, but not working. I type “git init” and hit enter and the terminal initializes, but the little box next to step 2 doesn’t turn into a green checkmark or a red X. It just turns to a grey X that I can’t do anything with.


Add ‘personal-website/’ after ‘git init’. It took me awhile to figure that out but it worked and I would guess is correct since I got a green checkmark box. I had a similar problem in another exercise where the only instruction was to type ‘cd’ but the terminal needed additional information.

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Its doesnt work! So I write
-git init
-mkdir personal-website
-cd personal-website
And next button doesn`t work

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I think this is a bug. The solution - get Help button in the lower right corner of the browser

Isn’t the correct order of the commands,

  1. cd personal-website

  2. git init


In my own command line, when i write “git init” i get ‘git’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
How do i initialize the git file?