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I typed the number 1 for the variable myNumber which led to an error called “error, Input is not number”. Does anybody know why?


Maybe since the square of 1 is one, this program can’t account for any thing that is itself?

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Interesting! I got the same result with 0. Non-integers and negative numbers seem to work fine. Reporting bug…


Could it be something to do with 1 and 0 being ways of referring to true and false?


For mybool = , i changed the value from true to “1”, and it gives me an error - input is not a boolean. why does it only work with true or false. 1 or 0 can also be a boolean input.

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Well wtf are you supposed to type in the “putting all together” part? It all made sense until then. I guess I know why I don’t code. Why go from explicit instructions, to basically no instructions. fna

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The reason you get an error message is because there should only be quotation marks for the second variable, the string. A number does not have marks nor a boolean.

I don’t understand how to do this exercise can anyone help me?

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Transmit button isn’t working. What is wrong? As far as I understand, what I was supposed to do is choose “square” from the drop down menu, and press Transmit!. But even though transmit appears as a button in HTML, the code is wrong and when I fix it it doesn’t want to respond and loses the layout. What is happening?

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As of today, when changing the myNumber variable to 1, the function remains unable to square it.


What do you mean by,“What happens if you swap out the data type?”
-what will I swap?
-how will I swap?


Are boolean values always case sensitive? It would error out if I type in False but would work if I typed in false

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What does this exercise what me to do? (ex: Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.) What does the ‘transmit’ button do? There is no mention of this anywhere in the ‘directions’ I type in anything different and it doesn’t do anything or makes errors. What are the instructions saying? Call function? Change what?None of this is in my notes and I just reviewed the entire chapter AGAIN. I Looked these things up on google and they look NOTHING like what is in this exercise…this is really confusing.

I don’t know why these lessons are set up this way but it’s really discouraging and defeating after trying so hard to learn something that is already so complicated.

i dont understand what this exrecis try to tech us ?

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so im guessing you cant square 1 you have to try other numbers

I tried other numbers but it doesn’t do anything. I don’t even know what this exercise wants me to do. This is so frustrating.

Hello there!

This exercise lets you play around with different variable values and functions so that you can get a better grasp of data types. First, run the code as is. Then, you can play around with the interactive area on the right, selecting different functions from the dropdown and clicking the “Transmit!” button. You will see the result of each function displayed on the image of the computer screen in the interactive area on the right.

The exercise also asks you to try changing the values of myNumber, myString, and myBool to see how different values could affect how the functions run. The same goes for data types; you can change the data types of the variables to see how the functions are affected. After making changes, simply press Run again and play around with the interactive area on the right.


Thank you, These are helpful. I wish the lessons had instructions this clear, most people are smarter than me so maybe it’s not important. I’ll try these with the excercise.

Why has the bug where if the number is set to 1 an error results not been fixed after so long? It’s discouraging to new learners who wouldn’t understand that it’s a bug in the program.