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I get that “number” and “lock” should be a decimal and “lock” should be changed or replaced, but when I exchange the data type to “decimal” or “double” I produce an error. How would these numbers be handled in C#?

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I’m just seeing a bunch of gobbledygook in my console no text line with the errors that were shown in the reference tab any one else having this issue?


i cant seem to get past this lesson, everything seems good, not returning any errors, wrote lines to print to console and everything prints out as its entered, any ideas?

@chip4597530281 I had the same problem. Once I went hit back to go back to an older example and then came back to the lesson it allowed to go to the next problem


that works, thanks. Sit on this problem 20 minutes.

Having the same issue.

Leave it for a few minutes then it’ll pass.

Just a suggestion, maybe this page should come before the “Creating variables with types”, as it will reassure new learners when they encounter errors, and also it mentions that a semicolon should be used to end each line.

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Hi Brantaylo

Lock is KeyWord and you can’t use it as variable.

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decimal number = 38498.3222M ;

that’s what the console say

Hey, arcblaster 60412

Thank you for letting me know!

Hi @wcroman, I am having the same issue as you described, in part 3 of this lesson as well as part 4. Did you ever find a resolution to the problem? Thanks!

Thank you. I was stuck in this dumb level for a while trying to figure what the heck wrong.

It seemed to let me move on without actually fixing all the errors, but I wanted to do this exercise right. If you need a hint, just don’t forget your semicolons after each line.

Also, some of the names of variables don’t seem to work. I didn’t know what they wanted the names of the variables to be but I just changed them to something random and that worked.

And make sure you have the right data type attached to each one.

Hope that helps if you’re struggling like me, an absolute programming beginner!