FAQ: Data Types and Variables - Converting Data Types

I just spent half an hour on this question because it bugged out. I typed exactly what the instruction #1 said, pressed run per the instructions, and it failed the question with the error “did you run dotnet run in the terminal?” Well, no, I didn’t, because it said to click run first! I then ran dotnet run, and got the expected error, tried clicking run again and it still wouldn’t recognise it. Only way I could get past this exercise is by going to the solution and clicking the “Replace with Solution” button - even though my code was identical! It’s very lucky I understand implicit/explicit casting from other languages, because if I were a complete beginner I might have just given up.


It’s 2022 and this bug is still in production…

I’ve got a very beginner question here: I’m in the Converting Data Types lesson

and I’m hung up on how to write the ConvertToInt32() method with the Console.Readline to make it work. I did it like this (which didn’t seem to work):
int faveNumber = Convert.ToInt32(ConsoleReadline());

Can you tell me how I should write this so that it runs correctly? Thanks a bunch!

this bug on this lesson is ridiculous as it prevents progression, for complete beginners it is more than frustrating to say the least and it seems code academy let it run since 2years now…

It seems like Codecademy doesn’t actually participate in these discussions, but I just have to say that as a beginner, it’s more than a little confusing going through these lessons and being forced to do things wrong before being taught how to do it correctly. It’s annoying, really.

Can confirm. Complete beginner here. I swapped from Python to C# because it seemed more applicable to what I want to do, but now I’m thinking I’ll just go back to Python as I was far less frustrated with those lessons.

Congrats to Codeacademy to making the most counterproductive programming lesson I have ever encountered. Completely useless! Good job!