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This community-built FAQ covers the “Loading Data” exercise from the lesson “Data Setup”.

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Somebody else with the issue that “Save to Tableau Public as…” is not clickable?

I think I need to connect to the Tableau Public Server but don’t have that option anywhere. In Tableau documentation I see that you should click “Server” in the menu bar but that is not displayed in the menu bar in my notebook.


I have the same issue. I don’t understand why…

It worked for me after closing Tableau, restarting my computer and then opening it again. Still not sure why…

Same here.
The instructions do not make sense.

“Save to Tableau Public…” and “Save to Tableau Public as…” are both greyed out.
Google search states to click on “Server” tab and select “Sign in”, if you are using Tableau Cloud. Hence, no such entry in the Tableau Public free desktop app.

Since many people have problems with your instructions and come here for help:
Are you testing the content before you tell people what to do?
Are you looking at these forums to provide help?

I see people’s questions but I cannot see your responses.


I had the same issue with the “Save to Tableau Public…” and “Save to Tableau Public as…” being greyed out. Tried closing Tableau and restarting as suggested here but that didn’t work. I just ignored the error and moved on to the next slide in the lesson. I tried again after a few of the other instructions in the lesson and it worked. I managed to save it during the Dimensions and Measures, Discrete and Continuous part of the lesson.


I’m also having the same issue - Save to Tableau Public As… is greyed out. I’m not able to save anything.

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It seems that you need to create a graph on sheet 1 in order to be able to save the file.
As @ruby2414482127 said before, is during Dimensions and Measures, Discrete and Continuous lesson when you can save.


Thanks, this works for me

I followed the link to the GitHub repository, but I have never used GitHub and can’t figure out how to actually download the datasets folder.

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Actually, the green “code” button opened a dropdown menu that allowed me to download a zip file. I don’t know how I was supposed to know that, but there it is.

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+1, thank you for your comment!

Is anyone else having issues with the files not showing up? I’ve downloaded the zip file and saved it elsewhere but its not showing on the left panel I only have the connections showing

After extracting the zip file, it shows an empty folder for me. Don’t know what to do

I’m having trouble with downloading the tree census project as a .csv. When I download the project it keeps downloading it as a .pdf and tableau keeps not being able to convert it. Giving me only 1 row of data in a different language. If anyone could help it would be much apricated. Thank you.