FAQ: CSS Typography - Linking Fonts I

This community-built FAQ covers the “Linking Fonts I” exercise from the lesson “CSS Typography”.

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Hard to replicate what happened in the video and cannot even proceed because droid serif not available on google fonts and i need to pay for it on another site it links to, please fix this as it made me skip the rest of the typography lectures and project.


I am also having touble continuing with the Linking Fonts video exercise.
1st problem no sound, seems like its locked in mute (check volume icon)
2nd problem video image won’t advance although the progress bar advances.
hope this helps and would love the feedback.


I can’t watch the video, maybe it’s is too large…

Could someone guide if I’m misunderstanding the concept here?

If a user doesn’t have a font I used when developing a website, then the user will not able to view the page in the format I intended to.However, if I link the fonts as explained either in Linking Fonts I or Font Face I explanations, then any user should be able to view the page in the intended font is that correct? Or is there still a possibility that some users are not going to be able to view some of these fonts?


So what’s the answer then??? ?

Yes, that is correct. That is the entire point of the lesson.

I’m having the same problem with the sound. Can’t hear anything. Are there any other ways to view the video?

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You can continue with the lection by using the links provided in the “hint” section.

I tried following the steps in the video to add the font (Droid Serif). However, the page directs me to a Monotype external Foundry, which requests fees in exchange of adding the font


I can’t get the sound on the video to un-mute. Seems others are having the same problem. Running Windows 10. Has anyone else solved the problem? Thank you

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I cant load page “fonts.google.com” help i have 6 years old pc maybe that is problem

I was confused by this section but I figured it out.

  1. the video doesn’t have sound so don’t worry. Just watch it
  2. Google fonts site has changed. To replicate the video: Search for the font (Space Mono) in the search bar. Then click on “Space Mono”. The first heading you see is “Styles” with a list. Click the plus (select this style) for “Regular” and “Bold.” It brings up a window on the right. Click Embed and boom… there is your link.

This is exactly right!