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This community-built FAQ covers the “Font-Face III” exercise from the lesson “CSS Typography”.

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This lesson was so confusing… the images and the text doesn’t match. One image has " " in the font-family property, the other one has ’ ', and another image says it doesn’t have " ".

The image says it is .tff format and the text says it is with a double t = .ttf



I wish they had some sort of video walk through, would happily pay more to learn.


Ok, something is screwy in the #18 typography font-face 3 lesson. On “instruction #2” I did the correct syntax according to what was asked and it still will not work. I eventually just pressed the hint button and it mentioned using the “…/”
So why not add the two periods in the example picture in the instruction area where there is an example pic of the thing that is being taught?
I will show a pic of what I mean. Please fix this. It’s a simple thing but its still confusing.

There are also other typo mistakes in this lesson. This is the first lesson I’ve noticed with mistakes like this.


This lesson on Font Face III was some of the most confusing to me. One instruction says to open code editor and go to the font section to view path. It would be helpful to have video on this. The syntax is not explained either of commas vs semi colon to end a multi value statement in this lesson. So many parts to it.


There should be more in depth instructions on the actual syntax. I used a semi colon “;” instead of a comma “,” when there is multi part values in this part of the lesson. I have been CSS section for 2 weeks off and on. Not a programming language in the OOP sense. I start 6 month boot camp in 2 months for full stack. Coming from .Net SQL background this seems like it needs a giant reference manual to use this.


the amount of dots show how many times you need to go out of your file where you’re now ( style.css) to get to the file you want to get to (Glegoo-regular.ttf). So basically, you are going out of the FILE (which is in this case is named style.css) (one dot), going out of the FOLDER (named styles) (another dot). once you made clear that you want to go out 2 times, you make a / and write the FOLDER you want to get in(font) and then another/, and then the file in the folder (Glegoo-regular.ttf).
in short: you go out, out till you are out of every file or folder, then you go in, in, till you are at your desired file.


shouldn’t /files/fonts/Glegoo-Regular.ttf work?