FAQ: CSS Grid Essentials - Introduction to Grids

This community-built FAQ covers the “Introduction to Grids” exercise from the lesson “CSS Grid Essentials”.

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If anyone else is confused by what appears to be a missing Flexbox lesson, take a look at these 2 threads :wink:

Lessons on Flexbox?

Where is the Flexbox course?


Yup. I was confused about that. So I just started watching Flexbox tutorials on Youtube, and will now switch into the Web Development path to do the Flexbox material.

Thank for digging around!

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so is html “table” outdated now? where do we use “table” and where “css grid”?


From what I have discovered, the answer to this is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Waaaay back when, tables were just about the best thing we had for creating page layouts. I had a look at one of my old websites on the Wayback Machine the other day… it was all tables :blush: :smile:

Then we have had divs and positioning. Floats and all that. Now we have these here Grids and also Flexboxes in the CSS3 standard. And these two layout methods are being wrapped into a new part of the CSS standard called Box Alignment.

Anyway. Tables are still a part of CSS3. They are now considered a semantic part of the standard.

So, if you need to lay out a table of data… tables are still there and will give you semantic HTML, and so they certainly still have their uses.


And not sure on the ins and outs of using grids to display a table, but I found this post which lays out how to use flexbox to create responsive tables; in the comments there is a post asking why not use tables and just apply display: flex to them, making the child elements flexbox items, and thus retaining the semantic HTML of table elements.

That seems like a pretty cool idea, and I really love this responsive table (way better than other examples that I’ve seen).

In the same way… if using a grid would work… you could use the Table element and change it to display: grid and proceed in the same (semantic, but grid-powered) manner.


Found the missing Flexbox course!



many thanks, but where was it?
lack of this course confused me for a while and made me loose my learning flow, although it turn to be an opportunity for me to benefit from some project-based tutorial on YouTube made by Traversy media channel.
Thanks anyway

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it seems flexbox has been missed in lesson flow !!
in forum i found the below link , which guided me though flex box. i will try it.
but i used tutorials on YouTube by Traversy Media channel and some project-based tutorial they provide

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