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This community-built FAQ covers the “Grid Gap” exercise from the lesson “CSS Grid Essentials”.

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Can GRID-GAP be also applied to rows/columns fixed by %s or px? If so, how?

why is row-gap and gap colored orange whereas column-gap is not?


Yes we can use either %, px, rem or em

What does “Comment Out the Row-gap and grid-gap declarations” mean?

I can see by commenting / / I “turn off” the declaration (or so the colour of the font would have me believe) but I can’t see what I need to do to trigger the exercise being complete…

This is what I’ve tried. I gather I’m supposed to “turn off” the row-gap and column-gap and leave it in as an explanatory comment (as just removing altogether does not pass the lesson).

EDIT: Fixed - needs to be totally outside of the declaration:

I think it might be an ordering issue…? Mine reads as below and it was allowed:

grid {
display: grid;
border: 2px blue solid;
height: 500px;
grid-template: repeat(3, 1fr) / 3fr minmax(50px, 300px) 1fr;
/row-gap: 20px;
column-gap: 5px;
gap: 20px 5px;

yh I was thinking the same too, a bug maybe

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What is the purpose of commenting out an element ? as we comment out the row-gap and column- gap. I totally dont know about commenting.

Gap is valid CSS for setting the gap between rows and columns

When completing quizzes for CSS grid, it’s still outdated and doesn’t accept gap as correct. grid-gap is outdated and only for older browsers now.

From MDN:

The gap CSS shorthand property sets the gaps (gutters) between rows and columns.
Early versions of the specification called this property grid-gap, and to maintain compatibility with legacy websites, browsers will still accept grid-gap as an alias for gap.

Just an FYI for those of you thinking grid-gap is the most recent property. Codecademy obviously don’t have time to keep their content updated!