FAQ: Creating Dictionaries - Invalid Keys


This community-built FAQ covers the “Invalid Keys” exercise from the lesson “Creating Dictionaries”.

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FAQs on the exercise Invalid Keys

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We can have a list or a dictionary as a value of an item in a dictionary, but we cannot use these data types as keys of the dictionary. If we try to, we will get a TypeError . i really dont understand these lines


dictionaries consist of key value pairs:

d = {
   'key': 'value'

what these lines are saying is that the value of a dictionary can be a dictionary or a list:

d = {
   'my_list': ['item1', 'item2', 'item3'],
   'my_dict': {'key': 'value'}

the keys (my_list, my_dict and key) are strings. So that is valid. The moment you attempt to use a list or dictionary as key for a dictionary, you will get a type error.