FAQ: Creating and Modifying a List in Python - Review


This community-built FAQ covers the “Review” exercise from the lesson “Creating and Modifying a List in Python”.

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Pint for clarification:
It isn’t clear in #4 from the words “Create a new list called all_ages that combines age with the following list:” means
age + [numbers]
and not [numbers] + age.
This apparently makes a difference as to where age is inserted.

all_ages = age + [32, 41, 29] #age goes to beginning
#all_ages = [32, 41, 29] + age #age goes to the end


This is important since if we print the zipped list items,

for x in name_and_age:
  print (x)

we want this…

('Ainsley', 42)
('Ben', 32)
('Chani', 41)
('Depak', 29)